In 1995 the little hut in the shadow of the rocky hill at the Golden Beach. Tranquility, pure nature and the open sea, open sky above the head and the sand under the naked feet. It was the once in a life time chance to buy a small wooden refreshment bar on the deserted Golden Beach. The occasional guests could enjoy tea, coffee and light snacks. Two tents allowed an overnight stay in this tranquil and quiet place.

Time passed – instead of tiny tents there were 20 bungalows housing holidaymakers and trippers. But, like many idylls, this one too, was destined to end. On June 30 in 2016 Burhan’s Golden Beach Restaurant & Bungalows was completely sealed off by the Government and soon demolished.

But Burhan found the strength to start all over again! Almost after two years of documenting red tape, a new location was found. He rose like a Phoenix from the ashes and made a new marvelous place, Burhan’s Hotel!

Now, Burhan’s Hotel is a symbol of nature and modern design. A mild temperature in Cyprus and friendly staff makes Burhan’s Hotel the ideal destination for a relaxed holiday. Hotel is located in the heart of Cyprus – Karpas. The hotel itself blends seamlessly with the world-famous landscapes of Cyprus and stands in the middle of a spacious mountain and sea ensemble. The area is suitable for hiking in the morning, day rest in nature and evening relaxation in harmony with yourself.